Video and cassette tape first released October 31, 2014 on Software Recording Co. (SFT 055)

Cassette (sold out) / free download

Uploaded Video Plot to our YouTube channel

Video Plot is a live audiovisual album collecting clips from performances in (probably) London, Paris, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Braga and Bexhill-on-Sea 2013 – 2014

Fanfic Telepresence, Short Film / Download, Plastic Infinite 2020

Projected Music, 5″ Locked Groove Zoetrope Picture Disc, Psyché Tropes 2019

Projected Reworks, Download, Psyché Tropes 2019

Word Beach, Plastic Infinite 2019

Mogul Husk, Plastic Infinite 2019

Grotto Ikon, Plastic Infinite 2019

Music for Exposition Electro, Plastic Infinite 2019

Tapegrot Vol 1. Digital EP, Plastic Infinite 2019


Circularity Digital Single, Plastic Infinite 2019

Nearest Neighbour Graphic Novel and C70 Cassette, Tapebox 2018

Form Foam  12″ animated picture disc, Ana Ott 2016 

Critter Party by Dan Hayhurst, LP/DL, LTR Records 2016

Zyprazol Animated 7″ Single, Tapebox, 2016


Untitled Cassette, Digital Death Records, 2016


Self Checkout Ego Death Westfield Stratford City: 8″ Lathe Cut Cardboard Picture Disc, Hasenbart Records *Xmas* Special 2015

Four Way Split #1 (with Karl Fousek, D HansenGLIA): Tape/Digital, Phinery 2015

Video Plot: Tape/Digital, Software Recording Co. 2014

Membrane Pop: LP, Software Recording Co. 2014

Plastic Infinite: 7″ zoetrope picture disc, 2014

Slime Code: cassette/digital (DL), Kaleidoscope 2012 / LP, Digitalis 2013


Toad Blinker: zoetrope picture disc LP, Dekorder 2011

Rotary Signal Emitter: zoetrope picture disc LP, Dekorder 2010


Fabrication II – Mumdance FABRICLIVE80 2015

Compatibility Crystal Change – HFF Vol 1, Psyche-Tropes 2014

Life Among The Mechanoids – Clinical Jazz, Clinical Archives 2008

Do The Lurrk – The Electronic Bible Chapter 2, White Label Music 2006

Remixes by Sculpture

Muta Tongues (Sculpture Remix)


Spatial Primitives (Sculpture Interpretation)

patten Out the Coast (Sculpture Remix)

Seftel Architects (saturday night i love you remix by Sculpture)


Vanilla Hammer Cro Magnum/Alabaster Circuits (Sculpture mix)


Snorkel Wet Tongue [Sculpture Remix]

Sugai Ken Daidai (Sculpture remix)


Charlatan Night Circus (Sculpture’s Polyhedral Bloom Remix)


Grumbling Fur – Protogenesis (Sculpture Remix)


Xylitol remixed by Sculpture – Leave The Country

Remixes of Sculpture