shifting units

Concretion. We’ve settled on a finalised track list for the agglomerative audio CD available from our online store. Precise contents historically fluctuated subject to our capricious nature, but we tire of our plaything and move sideways. DVD media remains unsettled, with sunny spells.

CD DVD by sculpture

CD/DVD by Sculpture

DVDR/CDR double pack. Every one is unique (crafted in plastic) and hand sewn (using a machine) by Reuben Sutherland himself. You can order one from us directly.

On the CD, 15 electronic recordings:

1. return to the riviera
2. plastic infinite
3. spring hook
4. synthetic alteration
5. greenish radiating needles
6. not actual size
7. blasted hillbilly
8. tape hop
9. slot hum
10. romantick
11. angularly accelerated hurling
12. the blundering operator
13. super resounder
14. vug
15. the horde

GAZE INTO THE FUTURE: it is September 2010 and Dekorder have released a zoetropic picture disc LP by Sculpture. It is called ‘Rotary Signal Emitter’. Details follow in the imminence.

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