aquired 30 reel to reel tapes, brand Raphone, mostly organ recordings, some big band, recorded early 70s. testing recently obtained Uher 4200 Report Monitor tape recorder (Akai 4000D now kaput). works beautifully.

scored also Tascam TSR 8 1/2″ 8 track. been a good week for tape recorders.

‘you are like a Victorian scientist, you like machines more than people…’

This fine machine will serve as your constant companion…

I guess this reel originally came with the tape recorder. Not a great advert for the RQ505’s sonic fidelity.

Thrill to the sound of ‘Japanese folk songs played in a modern jazz style’. I love all that racket, happily obliterated in tape growl and splutter.

Sculpture use and endorse the National 401S ‘reverse-a-track’. Frequency response somewhere between 500-5000Hz. Pinch roller doesn’t grip the tape too effectively, so it’s good for physical manipulations.