This fine machine will serve as your constant companion…

I guess this reel originally came with the tape recorder. Not a great advert for the RQ505’s sonic fidelity.

Thrill to the sound of ‘Japanese folk songs played in a modern jazz style’. I love all that racket, happily obliterated in tape growl and splutter.

Sculpture use and endorse the National 401S ‘reverse-a-track’. Frequency response somewhere between 500-5000Hz. Pinch roller doesn’t grip the tape too effectively, so it’s good for physical manipulations.

the original found tape isn’t altered except to cut out this section and stick the ends together. ok, that’s a pretty destructive alteration, I’m an anti-archivist. it’s 2 track tape played on a 1 track tape recorder. you get both sides of the tape,recorded off the radio sometime in the 1970s at a guess, playing forwards and backwards simultaneously in serendipitous superimposition.

this loop got dragged across floor at Roxy Bar & Screen, stood upon by many drunks in boots, severely crumpled. I like these kind of unplanned sonic adjustments.