Press Kit

Sculpture aka musician Dan Hayhurst and visual artist Reuben Sutherland career freely through temporary forms of digital/physical recomposition, device misuse, comic strips, sci-fi, pop, psychedelia and multisensory perception.

Utilizing an ever expanding library of zoetropic prints, Sutherland’s visual turntablism combines pre-cinema imaging with cutting-edge digital techniques in hallucinatory loops and jumps. There’s a clear connection with Hayhurst’s unstable sonics, free associations that gleefully defy convention in pursuit of a unique internal logic.

A sequence of animated picture discs have appeared on Dekorder, Psyché Tropes, Ana Ott and Tapebox. Sculpture’s Membrane Pop LP and a live A/V document, Video Plot, were released on Daniel Lopatin’s Software label. Slime Code instantiated as 7 unique cassettes plus digital edition on patten’s Kaleidoscope imprint, later reissued on vinyl by Digitalis. The duo’s recent work includes the graphic novel/tape, Nearest Neighbour, a 26 locked groove animated 5″, Projected Music, and short film, Fanfic Telepresence.