We use a video camera shooting  25 frames per second at a high shutter speed to make animations using illustrated picture discs, exploiting the same mathematical quirk as a phenakistoscope. We had a go at improvising a simple device to view the animations without a video camera…you’ll need some black cardboard, a sharp knife, a yoghurt pot, a record player and a bright light.

(here’s one we made earlier…)

The design could be ‘finessed’… e.g. we found we could watch the animation happen directly on the surface of the record (rather than by peering through the slots in the cardboard) by pointing the light through the slots at certain angles, suggesting a device incorporating a mirror and a carefully positioned light source could be very effective.

New zoetropic picture disc LP, Toad Blinker, released by Dekorder.

01. Bonus Level
02. Conjugal Bloom Receptor
03. Dispersal Projection
04. Data Corporation
05. Visceral Protocol
06. Glome Organ

07. Elk Cloner
08. Iterative Deviation
09. Toad Blinker
10. E.M. Slew Percolator
11. Corolla


Toad Blinker:

Elk Cloner:

Glome Organ:

We tracked the signal emanating from the rotary emitter and ended up here…exploring the lab where biological parts are spliced with virally spawned digital mutations.

Toad Blinker is an incautiously assembled amalgam of mutated techno forms, analogue electronics, tape cuts and digital sampling, gleefully twisted psychedelia. It’s a take on computerised music production that rejects tired badges of ‘quality’. It’s fast and cheap, unexplained, joyful, strange, it loves trash and mess and mistakes and too much energy, and revels in accidental collisions.

Sculpture aim to generate an energy greater than the sum of its constituent elements. Dan Hayhurst’s music finds its ideal counterpart in Reuben Sutherland’s animations. Like their previous Rotary Signal Emitter LP (Dekorder, 2010), Toad Blinker is a zoetropic picture disc designed to be filmed at 25fps with a high shutter speed.

bonus level/conjugal bloom receptor/dispersal projection/data corporation/visceral protocol/glome organ/elk cloner/iterative deviation/toad blinker/e.m. slew percolator/corolla

the toad blinker is a component in the same system as the rotary signal emitter

currently undergoing tests in controlled conditions before release into the population

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