This fine machine will serve as your constant companion…

I guess this reel originally came with the tape recorder. Not a great advert for the RQ505’s sonic fidelity.

Thrill to the sound of ‘Japanese folk songs played in a modern jazz style’. I love all that racket, happily obliterated in tape growl and splutter.

Sculpture use and endorse the National 401S ‘reverse-a-track’. Frequency response somewhere between 500-5000Hz. Pinch roller doesn’t grip the tape too effectively, so it’s good for physical manipulations.

humans dig linear time and like to see/hear evidence of its ‘passage’

compression sound of vinyl = shock of the immediate, crackles the graded accumulation of time tachyons

digital formats with their on/off binary ok/fucked oppositions don’t indicate ‘human’ as commonly perceived in relation to ‘progress’

just a buzzin fly

paralell rhombohedra

greenish radiating needles

corroded crystal enclosing celestine crystals

white spherules

crystals lining a geode

pearly rhombohedra

aegirine veinlets penetrating fractures

twisted mass of iron froth

botryoidal iridescent


aggregate of radiating bladed crystals

velvety botryoidal crust

globular masses of fine needles


Sculpture is musician, Dan Hayhurst and visual artist, Reuben Sutherland, whose work unites audible and visible, physical and digital through exploratory practice in electronic music, video art and animation.

Sculpture’s live A/V performances are central to this process. Utilizing an ever expanding library of zoetropic prints, Sutherland’s visual turntablism combines mechanical imaging technology with cutting-edge software based techniques in hallucinatory loops and jumps. There’s a clear connection with the chaotic physicality of Hayhurst’s approach to sonics – unstable permutations of tape loops, lo-fi electronics and digital sequences played with a battered reel to reel tape recorder, computer, walkman, sampler and FX units.

Discovering spontaneous possibilities in the moment while assuming temporary forms of modern techno, analogue electronics, abstract film, sci-fi, pop, absurdist psychedelia, visual music and comic strips, their output is playful, unpredictable and multisensory.

Through 2015 and 2016 the duo released tapes on Phinery and Digital Death Records, an animated 8″ lathe cut postcard on Hasenbart Records, a 7″ animated disc, Zyprazol (Tapebox), and a 12″ zoetropic EP, Form Foam (Ana Ott).

Sculpture’s Membrane Pop LP was released in 2014 by Software, a label curated by Daniel Lopatin, AKA Oneohtrix Point Never. A live AV cassette/digital/video splice, Video Plot, followed in October. In January 2014, the duo’s self-released animated 7″ single, Plastic Infinite, became an instant cult artifact.

Sculpture previously made two animated zoetrope picture disc LPs for Dekorder records – Rotary Signal Emitter (2010) and Toad Blinker (2011). Their third LP, Slime Code, was released in 2012 on 7 unique cassettes plus digital edition by patten’s Kaleidoscope imprint and later reissued on vinyl by Digitalis.


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