7 May 2023 Iklectik, London + Nnja Riot + DJ Shlucht + *impromptu multisensory happenings*

party/visionsonic republic inauguration in London, Sunday 7 May 2023, 3pm – 11pm

Live and volatile AV forms, noise fluorescence, digital/physical recomposition, impromptu arrangements

Multisensory happenings outside all day, life, circuitry, structured energies etc

Indoors on the AMOENUS system, live sets from Sculpture + Nnja Riot + DJ Shlucht (DIY Church) followed by patten (DJ) for dancefloor and outer zones

£10.50 Advance / £12 OTD https://link.dice.fm/eabc034b7f14

“When machines dream in mono, surely it sounds like this? A manufactured relic that glosses through electronic globules and bizarre architectural circuitry to find an odd sense of peace. Sculpture’s Dan Hayhurst always rattles cobwebs in our brains to turn us upside down and inside out. Voice cuts never quite break through, though an unsettling laugh here and there lives on well past its best-by date as synthetic screeds and electric glorp dance in arrhythmic glee—a truly confusing delight.”

Foxy Digitalis

4 heady, cosmic electronic bops, new from Sculpture


CDR limited to 20 copies, each with unique sleeve art

CDR comes with music burned on it. If you prefer a blank disc, send us a message with your order

Reuben Sutherland: Camera, collage, sewing machine
Dan Hayhurst: Music, burner